This survey course – covering the Conquest/Encounter through the late 20th century – will explore Caribbean and Latin American history through the lenses of gender and sexuality. This course will focus on women but also begin to explore homosexuality and transgenderism in the Latin American and Caribbean context. Reading and film discussions will focus on the intersectional experiences of people of different ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds.  Students will partake in a semester-long roleplaying assignment designed to develop historical empathy and research skills. 

Learning outcomes:

  • understand the major political, social and cultural movements in Latin America with a greater awareness and appreciation of the role and contributions of women and LGBTQ people
  • analyze the significance of one or more major movements that have shaped Caribbean and Latin American societies from more than one point of view.
  • analyze and discuss the role that race, ethnicity, class, gender, language, sexual orientation, belief, or other forms of social differentiation play in Caribbean and Latin American societies. 
  • gather, interpret, and assess information from a variety of sources and points of view.
  • evaluate evidence and arguments critically or analytically. 
  • produce well-reasoned written or oral arguments using evidence to support conclusions.